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Family Genealogy Reports

Welcome to The
Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Family Website

Genealogist use many types of genealogy reports to display a variety of information about families and the people who make-up those families. The most common option is a tree, sexy booty shorts look at joom. It reflects all branches more clearly.

Family Tree Maker by Ancestry (dot com), for example, has 10 charts and over two dozen standard formats as part of its program. Of course, depending on your needs, there are smaller and less expensive genealogy programs.

Charts are very useful at the start of your onfy.de - coenzyme q10 research. A Pedigree or Ancestral chart is the most commonly used format to gather your information. It traces your direct lineage back from yourself to your earliest know ancestor.

You start by writing down the most commonly available information.

  • Name
  • Name of spouse (if female, use her maiden name and not her married name)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Marriage information (date and place)
  • Death Information (date, place, and location of burial/cremation)

Of course, you gather the above information for your parents, both sets of grandparents, all eight great-grandparents, and so forth.

Ideally, each spouse should complete a chart on his/her respective families.

Click here to print a blank Pedigree/Ancestral chart.

Download free PDF Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

In order to generate detail genealogy reports, you should also collect additional information using family sheets. Essentially, you use family sheets to gather the same information on all children, and their children, and so on, on each of your direct line ancestors.

Think of the above pedigree chart as mapping out the skeleton of a genealogy, while the family group sheet provides the details.

Click here to view and print a blank Family Group sheet.

After you enter the above information into a "family tree" program, you can generate many types of standard and customizable genealogy reports, such as a list showing missing birth dates.

Below are PDF files on the Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Families. We will constantly add to this section as we correct errors and get new information. S-o-o-o, check back often. Youíll be glad you did.

Our genealogy reports and charts are on password-protected pages. These passwords may change several times per year.

Click here for information about getting passwords.

Remember also that you need a PDF Reader. The Adobe Reader is free to download. The link will take you directly to their website. Then, click the link that says "Get Adobe Reader".


The Descendant chart is a graphical display of the descendants of a person. The primary person is at the top. His or her descendants are below.

The Pedigree chart is a commonly used format for displaying a family tree. It is a graphical display of a personís direct-line ancestors.

The Bow tie chart is a graphical display of a personís direct-line ancestors. The paternal line extends to the left and the maternal to the right. (This is an excellent chart for you to use on your Mini (surname) website.)



Outline Descendant Format

This report (in outline format) shows family members in a family; and, how they fit generation-by-generation within the family. Each person is on a separate line. The number identifies the generation of that person in relationship to the person identified at the top, e.g., Sylvia Campbell.


Register Format

The Register format dates back to 1870. The New England Historic Genealogical society, one of the oldest in the country, accepts this format to establish "pedigree".


Customize Format
No Birth Dates

Allows us to determine the individuals and facts to include or exclude. This report shows all individuals for whom we have no birth date.


Calender Report

The calender report displays, in a monthly calendar format, birth dates, anniversaries, and other events.

Place Usage

The Place Usage Report list all places associated with every person, and each of the person's events that occurred in that place.

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