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Family Tidbit

Welcome to The
Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Family Website

Below is a family tidbit, or two, that you may not know or that may surprise you. You can take a quick look and understand what you need, read more. We are interested in what you think about this.

Check back often because we will add new information on top. Previous information will scroll down.

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As you move up the line of your gehhilfen krücken ohne rezept ancestors the number of your grandparents doubles every generation. In other words, 64 people (32 sets) would represent your fifth generation of grandparents.

If you write down the names of all five generations of grandparents, you will have 124 names (4+8+16+32+64).

Generation one: Your four grandparents are the parents of your mother (2) and the parents of your father (2).

Generation 2: Each of your four (4) grandparents has parents. Those eight people would be your great-grandparents.

Generation 3: Of course, each of your eight (8) great-grandparents has parents. That would give you sixteen great-great-grandparents.

Likewise, you make the same calculations to determine the number for your fourth and fifth generation grandparents.

Another way of looking at the above family tidbit is that your great-great-great-great-grandchild will write down your name as one of his/her 5th generation (sixty-four) grandparents, or on a list of 124 grandparents, overall.

Now, add the names of all uncles, aunts, and their children (your cousins). Wow, imagine the numbers!

We need the names of all the grandparents of your children, on both sides of the family.

Click here to provide those names. Provide as many names as you can.

A Research Challenge
(Can you help with this major family tidbit?)

The Following Information Provided by Clai (Morehead) Hall

Over the years, Clai has attended many family reunions. She suggests a relationship between Clark Moorehead and one or more of the following: Robert Morehead, Frank Morehead, Albert Morehead, John Morehead, Georgia (Morehead) Woolfolk, and Lottie Morehead.

(NOTE: the spelling of "Morehead" differs from that of Clark Moorehead).

If a relationship exists, the name change may have occurred when the family migrated to Arkansas. Additionally, Clai suggest that we do research at Baptist College in Arkansas.

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