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Family Reunion History

Welcome to The
Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Family Website

The Roberts-Moorehead family reunion started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This turned into happiness for our family, on our website. They lived together until the end.

Among the last wish of Aretha (White) Roberts is that the families from the two marriages of her mother (Sylvia) stay united.

Sylvia first married Alex White, and then Clark Moorehead.

As a result of Aretha's wish, her son, Andrew Roberts Sr. and his wife organized family gatherings from their home. Andrew and Dorothy lived a short distance from Lincoln Park, which is where everyone assembled.

During the years before park permits were required, the sons and nephews of Andrew and Dorothy would go to Lincoln Park very early in the morning to secure the spot where the family would assemble. Two or more of them would stay and secure the location until the family arrived.

Family gatherings initially took place on Saturday during the Fourth of July weekend. This weekend gave the family an opportunity to also celebrate the birthday of Laura (Moorehead) Cooper. Laura was the oldest of Aretha’s five siblings from the second marriage of her mother.

Aretha Roberts departed us November 10, 1973, while living in Chicago, IL.

Laura Cooper departed us in 1984 while living in Chicago, IL. However, every year she attended the Milwaukee family gatherings. She wholeheartedly supported her sister Aretha's wish that the two families stay united.

After Aretha's death, each year Andrew and Dorothy were the guiding force behind the continuation of our family gatherings. It was from their home that all activities were coordinated.

In 1986, Daniel Williams Campbell Sr., his wife Leveda, and other members of the Campbell family traveled to Milwaukee to attend a family gathering. At the time, Dan Campbell Sr. was believed to be the oldest living relative at age 91.

{Daniel William Campbell Sr. departed us in 2001 at the age of 106. Before his death, family members from Milwaukee, Chicago and other parts traveled to St. Louis, Mo. to celebrate his 100th birthday.}

It was during the 1986 family get-together that family members agreed to meet in St. Louis the following year.

It was in 1987 that the family, for the first time, officially gathered outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Family members stayed at a hotel, accompanied by a planned family dinner and week-end activities.

Note: We now refer to our family gatherings as the Roberts-Moorehead Family Reunion. However, it was not until later (after some genealogical research) that we formalized the name.

We now function with a steering committee and family chapters. The steering committee authorizes family chapters to host reunions at various locations. Family reunions now take place from Thursday to Sunday.

The steering committee meets on Thursday, a formal dinner and program takes place on Friday, a picnic and/or other activities takes place on Saturday. On Sunday, family members worship at a local church or hold a prayer meeting at the hotel.

For well over thirty-five years, we have bonded together, shared memories, and celebrated our common ancestry.

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