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Our Family Reunion List

Welcome to The
Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Family Website

Looking at the below family reunion list, are you able to identify all the reunions you have attended? Naturally, it is impossible to visit all of them, read them. Everyone's presence is very important to us.

Do you have all of the reunion tee shirts?

What year did we introduce the first reunion tee shirt?


From the early 1970s until 1986, we always met at a park (mostly, Lincoln Park) in Milwaukee, WI.

In 1986, Daniel Williams Campbell, Sr. attended our family gathering, held at ??. Family members promised him they would visit his hometown the following year. So-o-o, in 1987, family members traveled to St. Louis, MO.

The 1987 family gathering marked the start of family members traveling around the country to bond together, share memories, and to celebrate our common ancestry.

In 1988, family members from nasensauger staubsauger apotheke our home state of Arkansas informed Milwaukee family members that they wanted to have a reunion in Little Rock, AR. Wow, wow; everyone had a great time, even though it was hot and humid. We all meet at the home of Charles (Bubba) & Ella Jones, with a big, big yard.

Look at the family reunion list. Was it the 1990 reunion, in Chicago, that we had our first "formal" dinner and program function?

The dinner and program took place on a Friday evening, in a cool hotel banquet hall. Chicago "put on" a great program; and, everyone dressed-up beautifully. Then, on Saturday as customary, we meet at a park for our picnic.

Since 1990, all reunions have had a program component. Let's keep up the great work.

Can you look at the family reunion list and identify the first year that we started our reunions on Thursdays? Wouldn't you say that 1992 was the year we started on Thursdays? If you travel all the way to beautiful California, it makes sense that you would want to leave a day earlier than usual.

This reunion list shows over 23 years of hosting reunions in various locations. We indeed have a great tradition. Now, it is up to the younger generation to step-in; and, to keep up the tradition.


Until 1986, we held family gatherings at a park, in Milwaukee, WI.

1987      St. Louis, MO

1988      Milwaukee, WI

1989      Little Rock, AR

1990      Chicago, IL

1991      Milwaukee, WI

1992      Los Angeles, CA

1993      Little Rock, AR

1994      Rock Island, IL

1995      Chicago, IL

1996      Washington, DC

1997      Milwaukee, WI

1998      Los Angeles, CA

1999      Little Rock, AR

2000      Carnival Cruise Ship Hosted by Milwaukee, WI

2001      San Diego, CA

2002      Washington, DC

2003      Chicago, IL

2004      Milwaukee, WI

2005      Indianapolis, IN

2006      Little Rock, AR

2007      Las Vegas, NV Hosted by Los Angeles, CA

2008      Rock Island, IL

2009      Chicago, IL

2010      Milwaukee, WI

2011      Little Rock, AR

2012      Memphis, TN

2013      Aboard a Fabulous Cruise Ship

2014      Where do we go? We are now making decisions, at least three-years-out, on locations for up-coming reunions. Would you like to see your City/State on this family reunion list? You can make your request to host a reunion during our Thursday night Steering Committee meeting.

However, before you can host a reunion (or another reunion), you or a representative must attend at least two consecutive committee meetings.

We'll see you there!

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