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Family Matters

Welcome to The
Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Family Website

Hello Everyone,

This is your FYI page for information about all kinds of family matters. You will find information, or links to information, about password-protected web pages, our e-newsletter, our phone book, and much more. At the moment, there is a lot of necessary information for you, link. But we will also add more for you.

If you are not into emails, not-to-worry, return to this page to catch-up on new happenings and family matters, everywhere. At the bottom of this page, you will have access to past issues (the archive) of newsletters. Simply click an issue and you instantly are caught-up with what others know about kindervitamine c.

I suggest you "bookmark" this page now.

Sam Thompson,

Website Name

We have multiple domain names pointing to the same website. For the last eight years, we used one domain name:


However, I found it necessary to rebuild our website, using a different website hosting company. Therefore, it was necessary to register and use a different name while rebuilding the site.

FYI - The name of our first hosting company is www.1and1.com.

(In fact, I continue to use this company to host one of my own websites. I also have over 40 domain names registered with 1and1. So-o-o, I think they are a good company. You may want to consider this company for your Mini (surname) Website.)

The name of our current hosting company is www.sitesell.com. (For a few years now, I have used SiteSell to host my main business website. I also have a second site hosted by SiteSell. I think it is the best company).

SiteSell, and our new website, will make it easier to move into the future with bold new plans. You can open our new website using any one of the following domain names:

  • www.robertsmoorehead.us
  • robertsfamilywebsite.com
  • www.mooreheadfamilywebsite.com
  • www.campbell-roberts.com
  • www.roberts-moorehead.com
  • www.roberts-family-website.com
  • www.moorehead-family-website.com
  • www.campbell-family-website.com

The first five domain names will take you to our home page.

The last three domain names takes you to the specific page for Edward Roberts, Sylvia Moorehead, and Dan Campbell.


Some of our web pages are password-protected. Periodically, these passwords will change. Of course, you can always call a family member to get the newest password(s).

However, subscribing to the family e-newsletter is the easiest and quickest way to stay up-to-date with a wide range of family matters.

It is important that you have your own e-news subscription.

If you do not have an e-mail account, Click Here. We will call you.

The name of our e-newsletter is The Family Connection.

Our newsletter is only about family matters. S-o-o-o, when you see it in your in-box, you will know that it is something you should read. And don't worry, we will keep it short and simple.

Make certain that your email service does not put us in your junk folder. To indicate that your newsletter is not trash, please whitelist all mail coming from robertsfamilywebsite.com, so that you can receive the family newsletter.

Subscribe now. You will receive your first e-newsletter and your first set of passwords. You only have to subscribe once. You automatically get future issues.

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More about - The Family Connection

We use a double opt-in subscription service.

Our service will not complete your request if you do not respond to the confirmation email.

This allows us to stay on the "good side" of mail servers. Otherwise, they may see us as spamming. In addition, we must protect ourselves from termination of our mail-out subscription service with SiteSell.

Subscribe now. You will receive your first e-newsletter, including your first set of passwords. Stay up-to-date on important family matters.

You only need to subscribe once to the newsletter.

Important: Subscribing to the newsletter is only for the newsletter. The phone book, family tree, and the reunions are all separate. You must complete a form for each area if you have an interest.

You automatically receive future issues, until you opt-out of the subscription. You get an opportunity to opt-out with every issue.

There is two other reasons why you should subscribe to The Family Connection.

Every year, before November, the hosting city sends out information on the dates for our upcoming reunion. This early notice allows everyone to make plans around those dates.

We have had problems with up-to-date email addresses. By subscribing to the family newsletter, you help us stay current with our contact list. We, in turn, will help you stay current with family matters.

Enter your E-mail Address
Enter your First Name

Don't worry -- your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you The Family Connection.

Please do not forget, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your desire to subscribe. You must confirm in order to finalize your subscription.

Click Here if you have no E-mail Address.

We will mail you a copy of each family newsletter, as they are published. You must however, let us know that you have no e-mail address by filling out the form.

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Phone Book

Click here to include your entry. This phone book is private to family members. We also need the information for the family tree. Currently, we plan to have only a "printed" version. Each family member in the phone book will receive a copy via e-mail.

If you do not have an e-mail address, we will give you an up-dated copy when you attend your next family reunion. (Of course, you can always receive a copy from another family member.)

Let's complete our phone book so that future planning committees can use it for their "informational" mailing.

Family Love Submission Form

Click here for form.

Mini (Surname) Websites

Coming soon, our web page on this subject.

Until this section is completed, you may want to reserve your family domain name, now!

For example, I reserved the domain name www.familybranch.net. I then created a sub-domain: thompson.familybranch.net. After I complete our four or five page website, it will become a "mini (surname) website".

Reserve your name, and start building your site today. Within a short time, we should have dozens of surname sites linked to the Roberts - Moorehead and Campbell family website.

Free Domains with Select Hosting Plans. Get yours!


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