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Edward Roberts

Welcome to The
Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Family Website

Thus far, we have traced our Roberts family ancestry only as far back as Edward Roberts. We now believe that he moved to Gethsemane, Arkansas from North Carolina. We also believe that his father was White (Caucasian).We were not able to find out exactly its roots, as there are no records, see. We did and searched wherever possible.

We currently have no information on his wife, Mary (July 2010).

We believe that Mary & Edward Roberts had nineteen children, of which eight died at childbirth or very young.

The other eleven children (in the order of their births?) are:

  1. Rosetta
  2. James Clifton (aka, Bud)
  3. Elijah
  4. Sidney
  5. Katie
  6. Ginny
  7. Annavesta
  8. Alice
  9. Josephine (aka, Josey)
  10. Lucy
  11. Emma

Marriages and Children

  • Rosetta married Zackrey Trotter and they produced two children: Mary (4), and Osby.

  • James married Mariah Mathews and they produced five children: Rosetta, Jewell (8), Junetta, James Clifton Jr. (6), and Odell.

  • Elijah married Aretha White and they produced eleven children: Hattie Mae, Lovell (aka, Dutch) (7), Ivory Lorenzo (3), Kattie Mae (8), Andrew Jackson (aka, Brother) (4), Anna Lee (aka, Sister) (4), Leon (3), Marie (1), Elex (12), Lester Lavern (8), and Cornelius (3).

  • Sidney had no wife or children.

  • Katie married Johnson (we have no first name) and they produced one child: Lou Bertha (1).

  • Ginny married Rogers (we have no first name) and they produced one child: Velma.

  • Annavesta married John Sexton and they had no children (?).

  • Alice married John Allen and they produced no children (?).

  • Josephine married Thomas (we have no first name) and they produced two children: Albert, and Nettie.

  • Lucy married Will Ridgel and they produced four children: Aldonia (7), Patrick, Diatra, and Johnathan.

  • Emma had no husband or children (?).
  • Note: A number behind the above grandchild's name denotes the number of children for that person. Therefore, according to the information we have recorded, Mary & Edward Roberts have 26 grandchildren and 79 great-grandchildren.

Let's Recap

Thus far, we show 7 generations in our family tree. Unfortunately, we have no information on possible siblings and other relatives of Edward our first recorded generation of the Roberts family.

Our 2nd generation is the 11 children named at the top.

Our 3rd generation is the 26 grandchildren, as shown above.
            (These are the children produced from the above marriages.)

Our 4th generation is the 79 great-grandchildren mentioned above.
            (The above numbers in parentheses represent these great-grandchildren.)

Our 5th generation totals 149 descendants.
            (Family: We need to do more work to collect everyone's name.)

Our 6th generation totals only 54 descendants.
            (Family: Obviously, we have a lot of work to do within this generation of Roberts’ descendants.)

Our 7th generation has only nine individuals listed.
            (Family: Please submit your information. It is everyone's responsibility to make facts known.)

Please view the Descendant Report for Edward Roberts that is in PDF format. This report shows the generational number, name, date of birth and place of birth of all descendants.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdf files.

Download Adobe Reader to View Files for Edward Roberts

Click here (or the logo) for a free download, if you do not have Adobe Reader.

Descendant Report for Edward Roberts

Our genealogy reports and charts are on password-protected pages. These passwords may change several times per year.

Click here for information about getting passwords.


Click here to report errors, add or submit new information. Please send any bit of information, even if it is only the date or place of birth of a distant relative.


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