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Dan Campbell

Welcome to The
Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Family Website

There were four children born to the union of Nicy & Dan Campbell. Those four children are Sylvia, Daniel William, Frank, and Fannie. They were happy and happy with each of them, read more. The children were the link between them.

We have no ancestral information for Dan or Nicy.

Sylvia Campbell is the oldest of the four children. Her year of birth is 1881. (We do not have the month and day of her birth.)

We show the birth of Daniel William as January 30, 1895.

We have no birth information for Frank and Fannie.

  1. Sylvia married twice. She produced seven or eight children from those two unions. Those children, in turn, produced 31 children.

    Clicking the above link provides the information on Sylvia

  2. Daniel William and his wife (for whom we have no information) produced seven children. Those seven children are:

  • Clara
  • Rosa
  • Daniel W. Jr.(4)
  • Artis Jean (1)
  • Erma Ray
  • Mildred Paulette (1)
  • Carole Victoria

{Note: A number behind the above grandchild’s name denotes the number of children for that person}

Later in life, Daniel William married Leveda tabletten dosierer (tablettendispenser) but they had no children. We do not have the maiden name for Leveda.

  1. Frank and his wife (Arminda Triplett?) produced four children. Those four children are:
  • Deloris
  • Frank Jr.
  • Laverne
  • Jeanette

  1. Fannie had no children.

MORE INFORMATION on Descendants of Dan Campbell:

Excluding Sylvia and her descendants, the only other names we have are for the children of Daniel W. Jr., Artis Jean, and Mildred Paulette.

Daniel W. Jr. and his wife (no spousal information) produced Kenneth Campbell, Kevin Campbell, Roosevelt Campbell, and Rita Campbell.

Artis Jean and her husband (last name of Porter) produced Dionne Porter. (We have no first name for the husband.)

Mildred Paulette and her husband (last name of Williford) produced Trina Williford. (We have no first name for the husband.)

We need a lot of additional information on the descendants of Dan and Nicy Campbell.

Please click here if you have any information about descendants of Dan Campbell.

Reports and Charts for Dan Campbell

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