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Roberts, Campbell, and
Moorehead Family Website

A family website committed to fostering the study of the genealogy of the Roberts and Moorehead families and maintaining the ties which bind the two families of Sylvia. we want to show you how confusing the genealogy is sometimes here. Stay tuned and watch.

Our Family Tree:

Consist of the ancestors and descendants of Edward & Mary Roberts, Dan & Nicy Campbell, Alex & Sylvia (Campbell) White, and Clark & Sylvia (Campbell) Moorehead. And many others that we never got to, look at Joom. We will only talk about these people.

Family Members:

The members of our family reunions shall be blood relatives, relatives by marriage, adoption, etc., as well as friends of the ancestors and descendants of. we only found a few that fit this description, in joom. Let's figure it out together

  • Edward & Mary Roberts,

  • Dan & Nicy Campbell,

  • Elex & Sylvia (Campbell) White,

  • Clark & Sylvia (Campbell) Moorehead.

Our Family Reunions:

A social and fun event, where we promise to bond together, share memories, and celebrate our common ancestry. This event will be held in an open format, link. We will hold our event for everyone next week.

Past Reunions

Reunion Photos

Our Family Website:

Stay informed. Click here for information about our domain names.

Follow the navigation links and you will find that your family website provides you with lots of information, opportunity to participate and to give feedback. We will also be able to contact you and notify you if there is anything new here. Also view photos from past events.

Family files statistics as of the last modified date:

  • Total number of individuals --------- 758
  • Total number of generations --------- 8

Upcoming Reunions:

The 2011 reunion will took place July 21-24 in Little Rock, AR. We had a great time. The Little Rock chapter did a super job. Those who took the bus from Milwaukee and Chicago enjoyed a great bus party.

The 2012 reunion will take place July 19-22 in Memphis, TN.

PS: See a video tour of the hotel - Hilton Memphis. You will love this hotel. (Turn on your volume for sound.)

You may need to download the Adobe Flash player to view this video.

The 2013 reunion cruise will take place aboard a fabulous cruise ship.

This website provides insightful suggestions, useful ideas, and sensible cruise and travel advice.

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The Future:

  • Continue the strong family reunion tradition.
  • Maintain the family website.
  • Establish and maintain working committees.

This website is for you. Through family love, we can make this a strong family website.

NOTE to Family Members: If you encounter password protected pages, simply contact another family member for the password; or, click here to get your own e-news subscription to The Family Connection.

We will periodically change these passwords. Therefore, it is best that you sign-up for your own subscription.

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Family Matters ? Passwords, E-zine, Mini-Websites. and More
This web page is full of family matters. It provides information about passwords, our electronic phone book, our newsletter, and other bits and pieces of information.

Genealogy Research of the Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Families
The Roberts and Moorehead genealogy research started with tracing the descendants and ancestors of Elijah and Aretha (White) Roberts and Sylvia (Campbell), the mother of Aretha.

A genealogical test identifies genetic markers to predict ancestral grouping and
The autosomal DNA genealogical test is the most recent innovation for both men and women. Autosomal DNA test is great for confirming close genealogy, regardless of gender.

Your Surname - Is It Important?
We never fully appreciate that our surname determines a large part of our identity. In many earlier cultures, there were gender specific surnames.

Sylvia - The Two Families of Sylvia Campbell
The two familes of Sylvia served as the motivation and starting point for our family reunions, as well as our genealogy research. She first married....

Dan Campbell - The Father of Sylvia
There were four children born to the union of Nicy and Dan Campbell. Those four children are Sylvia, D...

Edward Roberts ? Our First Recorded Roberts Family Member
Currently, our family tree on the Roberts side of the family starts with Edward Roberts.

Genealogy Reports and Charts
View family genealogy reports and charts for each branch of the family.

Family Tidbit
Perhaps there is a family tidbit or two that may surprise you. Look, and then add your tidbit.

Family Reunion History - Why and How The Roberts - Moorehead Reunions Started
The Roberts - Moorehead family reunion. Aretha Roberts is the guiding force behind why we have reunions every year. Aretha White married Elijah Roberts.

The Family Reunion List - The Roberts, Campbell, and Moorehead Family
Our family reunion list shows a strong tradition of having continuous reunions. We have met yearly for over thirty-five years.

Reunion Photos
Family Photos

Share your Reunion Memories
Share your fondest, funniest, most exciting reunion memories. Family members that were not present will appreciate reading your story.

Family Memories
Roberts - Moorehead Family Memories. Share your best memory as a child or adult.

Family Phone Book - Add Your Entry
Family Phone Book - This phone book is private to family members. We want to prevent spamming.

Family Love
Submit information for the genealogy tree. It is through family love that we endeavor to include all family members.

Contact Us
The Contact Us form is for researchers and visitors to make first contact, to compare notes, provide feedback, or simply to exchange links.

The name of our e-newsletter is The Family Connection.

DNA Testing and The Sex Chromosome
The Y-chromosome passes largely unchanged from father to son. Through DNA testing, you could find present day cousins many generations removed from your common ancestor.

Provide Your Family History ? It Is Not the Same Thing as Lineage
You have started your genealogical research to build your family tree. Your lineage is very important to you. Now, the next step is your family history. It is not the same as tracing family ancestry.